Discipline: What we do

Discipline: What we do

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When a child misbehaves, what’s the best way to turn things around? Parents talk about their experiences with time-outs, incentives, and consequences.

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Discipline’s tough. It’s chaos, but we do almost everything by choices. So, and choices and consequences. So if he doesn’t want to go to bed and he’s throwing a tantrum, it’s a choice of whether or not—you can either go to bed or you don’t get to have a show tomorrow night before bed.

My daughter, Mary, is four. We give her time outs. That’s our main form of discipline. It definitely works. And it works. I’m starting just a little bit to do it with my 18-month-old too.

The way I discipline my daughter is basically I will take her favorite toy. Sometimes the discipline works.

I use words such as, “You can’t do these things,” or, “If you do these things,”—“If you do things bad, bad things are going to happen. If you do things good, good things will come from that.”

My son is three years old and I discipline him by spanking him.

We try to discipline my four-year-old daughter by sending her to bed without a treat, by sending her to her room, or making her sit on the couch and watch her sister play while she can’t play.

My son is four and a half years old. And the way I discipline him is I try not to yell when he gets out of line. We do a lot of—take a lot of time outs. I’ve learned that when—if I yell, he’ll start to yell back at me. So a lot of times what I’ll do is try and remain calm and put him in timeout for two minutes. And explain to him why he was in timeout and why he was misbehaving.

We have incentive programs. So, if you finish this and this and this or you do this and you behave this way, then you get a sticker. And you do this, you get another sticker. When you have 15 stickers, then we have some kind of fun event or a treat.

I discipline my three-year-old by using time out. It works when she knows she’s done something bad but when she doesn’t realize that she’s done anything bad, then no it doesn’t work well.

I—well, I have three kids in school and I check on them three days a week. At least three days a week, I go in their class and I just sit down and just sit behind them in class. And that’s it. I pretty much just watch them. That’s it. And you don’t have to do anything. And so a lot of parents—I encourage a lot of parents to do that because that stops a lot of things as far as behavioral wise. If they’re doing certain things in school, you don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to punish them. You don’t have to ground them. Just go to their class 10, 15 minutes and just sit there.

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