Pilar: origin and meaning of the name for girl Pilar

Pilar: origin and meaning of the name for girl Pilar

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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Pillar.

According to Christianity, the Virgin Mary appeared to the Apostle Santiago on the banks of the river Ebro, in the place where the basilica of El Pilar is today, and asked him to build a sanctuary there. The Virgen del Pilar is the patron saint of Zaragoza, of the Civil Guard and of Hispanidad.

It comes from pile: "pile, column, milestone on the road"

October 12 °


  • Pilar Miró, film director (1940-1997)
  • Pilar Rahola, politician (1958-)
  • Pilar Lorengar, soprano (1928-1996)
  • Pilar López de Ayala, actress (1978-)

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