Little Einsteins. Kids series

Little Einsteins. Kids series

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Leo, June, Quincy and Annie together with their spaceship 'Rocket' or 'Ship' venture on a mission in each episode to solve a problem or save a friend

Leo of the Little Einsteins, short for Leonardo, is a seven-year-old boy of European descent, the leader of the Mini Einsteins and the pilot of Rocket. His hobby is driving and he always has a baton on hand.

Annie is a five year old girl. She is Leo's younger sister and is the only character to have piloted Rocket without the camaraderie of the rest of the characters. In the second season of the series, she changes her dress for a pink one and also gets a microphone that she uses when singing. He loves animals but is afraid of spiders and bats.

Quincy, a character in the Little Einsteins, is a seven-year-old boy of African descent. He likes to play all kinds of instruments, but the violin and the trumpet are his favorites, and he is also the only member of the Mini Einsteins who is afraid of the dark (according to the episode The Northern Lights).

In each episode of Little Einsteins, the characters teach famous classical musical paintings and melodies, which largely influence the episode or the actions they take during space travel.

Leo, June, Quincy and Annie traveling in their Rocket spaceship in Little Einsteins.

June from Little Einsteins is a seven-year-old girl of Asian descent. She loves dancing, looking at the stars with a telescope at night, and art.

Disney's children's series is renamed according to the country. In some countries it is called Mini Einsteins and in others Little Einsteins.

The series consists of the adventures of 4 children: Leo, June, Quincy and Annie with their spaceship 'Rocket' or 'Ship'.

Mini Einsteins or Little Einsteins is an animated series created by Eric Weiner (creator of Dora, the Explorer) and produced by Curious Pictures, The Baby Einstein Company and Playhouse Disney.

Video: Little Einsteins. The Great Sky-Race!! Little Einsteins (May 2022).


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