Abandoned childhood: also a golden age?

Abandoned childhood: also a golden age?

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"The Golden Age", that is how José Martí, the brilliant Cuban thinker of the 19th century, baptized his magazine for "boys and girls". In its short life of four editions, the magazine left a legacy of articles, poems, stories and translations of children's stories that have in common the purpose of educating from the beautiful.

And it is precisely on promoting those traits of natural beauty in childhood, understood as virtues, the future depends not only on the family, state or nation, but also on the world to come. Childhood is like a sink that absorbs everything in that perpetual learning process that is life. As adults, what was once learned will be turned over in the form of talent, skills, vocations, ... It also depends on your emotions how assertive you assume the future.

It is for all this that childhood requires special care. All educational systems, be they family, social or institutional, should rest on respecting and caring for children, regardless of the logical differences that cultural diversity marks, but it is not enough to take care of the children we have at home. The problem of abandoned childhood that spreads throughout the world is the worst of the epidemics. That is the true seed of personal insecurity, the rise of crime, violence ... antipodes of goodness, a quality that could distinguish the species, and that are the consequence of a childhood that did not know love and instead knew about love. contempt for his rights, his dignity, and aggressiveness towards him and, by extension, towards the environment. This reflection might seem alien to the regular readers of this page but it is not. No person is an island, and even if he tried, the communicating vessels that interconnect society would ruin his plan. Childhood is only one and should be preserved as a true golden stage in everyone's memory. I put my finger on the sore and remain owing the remedy that would surely require reformulating budgets, founding schools, promoting arts and crafts, ... spreading love , fight to defend the rights of children. For now I would be happy if from these lines I manage to make those children of human weather, "seekers" of life that inhabit traffic lights and garbage cans, wake up much more than fear, laziness or boredom. Rosa Mañas. Editor.

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