A crib to prevent reflux in babies

A crib to prevent reflux in babies

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There is nothing more uncomfortable, more annoying and worrying for parents who see that their baby, after a drink of milk or a porridge, vomits everything he has ingested. Gastroesophageal reflux, as this ailment is better known, seems to now have a very practical solution: A crib specially designed to prevent babies from throwing all the food out after eating.

My daughter had reflux until almost a year old. She used to vomit everything she ate mainly when she had snot. Every time he had a cold or the flu, and always after eating, he threw everything out. That made her cry, have difficulty sleeping, cough, and what was worse, it took away the desire to eat. After some tests, the pediatrician told us that my daughter's reflux was due to the immaturity of her digestive system. Later, I learned that this is usually the main cause of reflux in babies and that it subsides in a few months. So it was.

To prevent reflux from causing the baby to lose weight or other problems, pediatricians often indicate treatments ranging from medicines (more persistent cases), to a low-fat diet, to ease symptoms. It is also recommended to keep the baby in an upright or gently incorporated position after feeding, and to burp him several times between feedings of milk or porridge.To keep the baby incorporated in the crib, until now pillows were placed under the mattress, or a cushion under the baby's back. But now, researchers at the University Hospital of Brussels, Belgium, have found the formula so that babies can sleep without discomfort. It is a crib that allows babies to sleep on their back but with a minimum incline of 40 degrees. This prevents stomach acid from going up into your esophagus, pharynx, or mouth and causing you to vomit. The crib has been tested with babies between 3 weeks and 3 months, who had persistent reflux, and it was noted after just a few days that 75 percent of their discomfort had subsided. The new prototype costs approximately € 1,000, but parents can rent them from some Belgian pharmacies for less than € 2 a day. Now we only have to know when it will arrive in Spain and the other countries.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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