Dangerous strollers for children

Dangerous strollers for children

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If we think about it, children are surrounded by dangers. We have ever talked about the dangers of drowning, the uncontrollable use of mobile phones, and the falls they can suffer. Now, the risk resides in 10 models of strollers that present various defects or irregularities in their manufacture, according to the FACUA-Consumidores en Acción.

Failures in the braking systems of these chairs can cause various injuries such as poor posture, falls, suffocation, or other accidents. In addition, there are gaps where the child's fingers can be trapped. Nine of these chairs were notified by the Spanish authorities to the European Commission.

They are the following brands models: Alu (reference 9987), BBY (Optimits model), Bruin (T2004 model), Carrefour (reference 1302N), Chicco (Multiway model), Comptine and Greater Win Limited, Hauck (Speed ​​Sun model) , Koelstra (Zippo model 1), and Nurse (reference 14 Happy Plus). FACUA advises users who possess one of these items to go to the establishment where they acquired it to proceed with its return, on the grounds that it is dangerous and that the Consumer Affairs authorities have ordered its withdrawal from the market.

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