Children's stories against sexual abuse

Children's stories against sexual abuse

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1. Sexual abuse NO!
Delphine Saulière, Bernadette Després
It is not easy to talk to a child about sexual violence. But it is essential to broach the subject to help and protect you by making you aware of dangerous situations. You have to help him break his silence.

Sexual abuse NO! It teaches the child, through five comic stories, what sexual abuse is, under what circumstances it usually occurs and which are the most frequent cases. Each story offers the most common reactions of children, the possible dangers they entail and what is the most appropriate reaction to defend themselves.

It includes a small dictionary of words related to sexual abuse so that the child can understand them, as well as useful Internet addresses and emergency telephone numbers to which they can go directly in case of being in a situation of abuse.

1. Estela, scream very loud!
Isabel Olid

A moving story where Estela, a shy and loving girl, transforms her character from the trick that Conchita, her teacher, has taught her: "When someone wants to hurt you, Estela, scream very loud!". And thanks to this fantastic advice, Estela gains the courage to face her uncle Anselmo, who lately does things to her that she doesn't like at all. This book will be a must-have for anyone who wants to alert children to the growing problem of child abuse.

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