Greek baby names. R - Z

Greek baby names. R - Z

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Choose your baby's name. Some parents are clear about it, but others have not made up their minds yet.
can I help you?
Well here we have many proper names of people, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings vary according to the sources and interpretations.

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RAISSAThinkerLittle girl
RENAHappy songLittle girl
RHEAPoppyLittle girl
RHODAGet upLittle girl
RODANTHERose bush flowerLittle girl
RHODESRosesLittle boy
RITAPearlLittle girl
RIZPAHUnknownLittle girl
SABASheba WomanLittle girl
SANDRAhelper of humanityLittle girl
SANDRINEHelper and defender of humanityLittle girl
SAPPHIRABlue jewelLittle girl
SEEMASymbolLittle girl
SELENAMoonLittle girl
SELENEMoonLittle girl
SIBLEYProphetessLittle girl
SIBYLI knewLittle girl
SIRENSirenLittle girl
SOFRONIOAutomaticLittle boy
SOPHIEWisdomLittle girl
SOPHRONIAa strangerLittle girl
SOTERIESsaviorLittle boy
STACIAOne that will rise againLittle girl
STEFANIACrownLittle girl
STELLAStarLittle girl
STEPHENCrownLittle boy
STEFANCrownLittle boy
STESHACrownedLittle girl
SYNATwo togetherLittle girl
TABITHAA strangerLittle girl
TALIASpray the skyLittle girl
TALOSGiant protector of the island of MinosLittle boy
TARASIOSFrom TarentumLittle boy
TARYNQueenLittle girl
TEKLADivine fameLittle girl
TERENTIAGuardLittle girl
TERESAMowing machineGirl
TESSled roomLittle girl
THAISThe linkLittle girl
THALASSAFrom seaLittle girl
THALIAFloweringLittle girl
THANOSNobleLittle boy
THEAGoddessLittle girl
THELMANursingLittle girl
THEODORAGift of godLittle girl
THEODOREGift of godLittle boy
THEOLAThe divineLittle girl
THEONESantaLittle girl
THEOPHILUSDear of godLittle boy
THERAWildLittle girl
THERESAReaperLittle girl
THERONHunterLittle boy
THISBEWhere doves liveLittle girl
THOMASTwinLittle boy
THOMASATwinLittle girl
THYRAProtectiveLittle girl
AUNTPrincessLittle girl
TIARAFlower nameLittle girl
TIBALTPrince of the peopleLittle boy
Have youCrowned with laurelLittle girl
TIMANDRAHero's daughterLittle girl
TIMEUSPerfectLittle boy
TIMOLEONI honor what i sayLittle boy
RUDDERWorthyLittle boy
TIMOTHEAHonor godLittle girl
TIMOTHYHonor godLittle boy
TITANIAGiantLittle girl
TITIANRed-goldLittle girl
TITUSOf the giantsLittle boy
TRESSAMowing machineLittle girl
TYMONHonor godLittle boy
TYRONEKingLittle boy
URANIADivinelyLittle girl
URIANOf heavenLittle boy
URIANAThe unknownLittle girl
URSAUrsula shapeLittle girl
VANESSAA butterflyLittle girl
RODAbroadLittle girl
VASILIKIBasilLittle girl
VASILSWith royal bloodLittle boy
VASILISBasil formLittle boy
VESNAGoddess of springLittle girl
VOLETVeiledLittle girl
XANDRAZandra formLittle girl
XANDYProtector of manLittle girl
XANTHEYellow hairLittle girl
XANTHUSYellowLittle boy
XENAGuestLittle girl
XENIAHospitableLittle girl
XENOBIAA strangerLittle girl
XENOPHONStrange voiceLittle boy
XENOSForeignLittle boy
XYLIAMadeiranLittle girl
XYLINAOf the woodsLittle girl
XYLONForestLittle boy
XYLONAForestLittle girl
YALENAHelenLittle girl
YANNIJohnLittle boy
YOLANDAViolet flowerLittle girl
ZALEForce of the seaLittle boy
ZANDERAlexanderLittle boy
ZANDRADefender of humanityLittle girl
ZANITALong teethLittle girl
ZANTHEXantheLittle girl
ZAREKMay God protect the KingLittle boy
ZEBINAOne who is giftedLittle girl
ZEFIRINOSpring windLittle boy
ZELIAZealLittle girl
ZENALiveLittle girl
ZENAIDEOne who has dedicated her life to GodLittle girl
ZENIAHospitableLittle girl
ZENOOf ZeusLittle boy
ZENOBIAOf ZeusLittle girl
ZENOBIOJupiter ForceLittle boy
ZENOSZeus GiftLittle boy
ZEPHYRWindLittle boy
ZERASeedsLittle girl
ZEROSeedsLittle boy
ZETHInvestigatorLittle boy
ZEVASwordLittle girl
ZINAIDAOf ZeusLittle girl
ZOELifetimeLittle girl
ZOELLOSon of ZoeLittle boy
ZOILOAnimatedLittle boy
ZORAGolden dawnLittle girl
ZORBALive every dayLittle boy
ZOSIMAAnimatedLittle girl
ZOSIMOAnimatedLittle boy
ZOTICAnimatedLittle boy
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